Frequently Asked Questions...

Where can I buy American Lionel, MTH, Williams and other 'O' gauge trains in the UK ?    Where can I get them serviced and repaired ?
Sadly there is no longer a dealer and service station in the UK.   

There are a number of USA dealers, such as Charles Ro in Malden, Massachusetts and Train World in New York who will ship to the UK, and dealers and service stations in continental europe.

I have Lionel trains I want to sell.     What options are there ?
There are four options we can suggest:

One thing to decide for a sale is whether you thinking of selling as a collection, selections of items or individually ? You need to bear in mind that items need to be posted unless you specify buyer collect which can restrict buyers

1. An advertisement in our club Shortline magazine, which is published quarterly. We make a small charge of a few pounds for non members depending on the length of the list. When you send me your detailed list I can be more specific. You can find out more by contacting Shortline Editor & General Enquiries

2. We have our annual train show at the Leicester. A sales table would cost you 10 - 20 depending on how much you are selling

3. eBay - The plus and minus of eBay are well known

4. In an auction in one of the specialist auction house's toy train sales (e.g. Wallis & Wallis in Lewes, Sussex, who obviously charge a commission on the hammer price) They will usually give an estimated sale price, but with no guarantee

How much are my Lionel trains worth ?
The club is not able to offer a valuation service.

Where possible we will offer a general opinion on collections being advertised in our club Shortline magazine,